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Updated 10/12/2023

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★★★★★ Super carpet - August 30, 2023 - alex

I took this mat for the 140x70 enclosure of my 2 guinea pigs, it fulfilled its mission perfectly.

The guinea pigs have a blast going under the fleece, the hole allows them to come out like a little burrow. I took 2 to rotate every 3 days.

Some washing tips:
*make sure that the fleece side is on the outside when you put it in the machine, in fact, as there is a waterproof layer, if you put it in a ball with the blue side on the outside, it cleans less well.

*pre-wash and even rinse + if your machine allows it

*use a fragrance-free and ultra-rinsable detergent (like those intended for reusable diapers)

*no fabric softener --> instead you can put vinegar in the fabric softener drawer.

To be seen now over time but this product, for the moment, largely keeps its promises.

★★★★★ Top - August 24, 2023 - Amazon Customer

My son's rabbit kept eating his floor.

We put the carpet down and it's nice

She doesn't touch it anymore and it's convenient to wash it.

I'm even going to get one again for cleaning duty.

Great I recommend!!

★★★★★ Very good quality - August 18, 2023 - Kryzwy

Rocket adopted it immediately!

Prefers it to his basket!

★★★★★ Super useful - July 09, 2023 - Lilly

I use it under my rats' cage and the other as a food mat for my cat who likes to put pâté everywhere.

★★★★★ Very good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 - March 21, 2023 - Nicolas B.

I am super happy with my purchase! My cage is 60x120 I took the 60x115 mat, the mat covers the bottom of the cage perfectly.
The mat is waterproof, nothing passes through, no odors! but you have to remove the droppings once a week (I have a guinea pig).
I washed the carpet at 40° after removing the excess droppings and hay so as not to dirty my machine. The carpet came out perfect! On the other hand, it takes a little time to dry, I think you need 2, one that washes/dries, one that is in the cage...

★★★★★ Super - June 5, 2023 - Sandrine

I'm super happy, I have 2 guinea pigs. No more wood shavings, the weight that goes with them and the dust. I wash it every 4 days in a large net. It's perfect 🥰

★★★★ Very good product - May 1, 2023 - Faouzi M.

My rabbits love it!!! I have two. Very good product used in an enclosure

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★ Bof - July 23, 2023 - Lulu

My rabbit has a hole from the first use, heading towards the trash

Response from NEO SOLVO

Sorry about that Lulu,

Mats are suitable for all animals that do not exhibit destructive behavior.

If your companion tends to try to open his baskets with his teeth or claws, we do not recommend purchasing our products.

★★★ A little disappointed with the solidity - August 19, 2023 - naty

The beige part is of very good quality. For the black part, our rabbit attacked it immediately by nibbling it.

One of the comments already posted said that after a week the carpet was eaten by a rabbit. I confirm this situation.

The rug would be better without the black part.

But nothing to complain about the absorbent part

Response from NEO SOLVO

Thank you for all this information, it's very useful.

We heard you! And it is by taking into account your comments that we have decided to create a mat which will remove this "temptation" for rabbits who love to nibble! See you very soon for the next collections

★★ Disappointed… - September 17, 2023 - Tati29

I bought this mat for the 4x2 cage of my 2 guinea pigs.

I washed it before first use with air drying.

The day after its installation and despite pads/sleeping everywhere in the enclosure, the carpet is downright SOAKED as if it were not absorbing anything……I have known better in this area…..Too bad…

Response from NEO SOLVO

Sorry to have disappointed you Tati29.

We have identified your problem with the Gris Bleu carpet.

It is made of a soft and fresh polyester first layer.

The mat absorbs very well and you will never have "leaks".

But this material requires a little time to dry (unlike the NEO SOLVO Beige fleece rugs). This is probably what gives that "soggy" look you identified. The same aspect that we see with soiled litter for example.

This material is more suitable for animals that have a toilet area. And less suitable for 2 guinea pigs who generally pee everywhere. This does not give the carpet time to dry completely.

For your living configuration, we recommend the NEO SOLVO Beige fleece rugs.

★ Poor - February 27, 2023 - Sourav

Not comfortable… low quality… unnecessary expense

Response from NEO SOLVO

Dear Sourav, We don't quite understand the problem with the product but we understand that you don't like it!

It's sad but no problem, we validate returns and refunds for unused products.

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