Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to the Questions you ask yourself about NEO SOLVO products!

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How is the delivery going?

We use reputable carriers to ensure delivery in 2 to 3 days in France and 3 to 5 days in Europe.

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in France, within 24 hours of your order per week.

Friday and Saturday orders are shipped on Monday.

Can I replace the disposable litter with a Neo Solvo mat?

Yes for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

Our mats will be more economical in the long term and more comfortable with 0 dust for your companions.

For cats, we do not recommend it.

How to wash and dry Neo Solvo mats?

Maintaining carpets is extremely simple.

They are machine washable at 40°.

After spinning at 1200 or 1400 revolutions per minute, the rugs will dry quickly in the open air or in a dryer equipped with a mode for fragile materials.

Can I use the mats for potty training my puppy or for my incontinent senior?

Yes, especially our slim models.

Maintenance is easy and the hyper-absorbent power is particularly suitable for puppies and seniors who can no longer hold on for too long.

Are Neo Solvo mats suitable for all animals?

The mats are suitable for all animals that do not have
destructive behaviors.

If your companion tends to try to open his baskets with his teeth or claws, we do not recommend purchasing our products.