Neo Solvo is a (very) Small French Company

We create products that we use every day with our furballs.

It’s simple but it changes everything!

The Start of the Adventure!

Our first creations were DIY projects to improve the comfort of Vodka, Nell, Brownie and Piwi, our little family!

We were inspired by solutions well known to animal lovers for decades to test lots of ideas (thanks to the internet and the tutorials).

And because we created rugs:

  • More absorbent
  • Easier to clean and dry (long live the dryer)
  • More comfortable and more beautiful

We decided to start the first Neo Solvo collection

And tomorrow ?

Very soon, our future collections will
surprise with original creations that will make the lives of our little companions even more pleasant.

Their Happiness inspires us, Your Trust makes us grow!